Old Lady Asked Her Friend For A Favor, But Never Expected This Reply

There were two friends and both of them had an age of 90 years who were none other than Bertha and Betty. Betty had a habit of paying regular visits to her friend Bretha when she was on her last stage. During those days, Betty uttered while memorising the past incidents, that they used to play softball and that too during the whole high school period. Also, she asked her to ensure that she lets her know in case she witnesses a women’s softball in heaven.

Since they both were really great friends and also were fond of softball during their schooling, she assured that surely she will be doing the same for her in heaven.

Few days after Bretha’s passing away, on night Betty heard a voice calling out her name ‘Betty, Betty.

When Bretha gone, after some days Betty heard a voice calling out her name and when she woke and asked who was it, the reply came saying that she is Bertha. On listening to this, Betty couldn’t believe and said that Bretha can’t call her because she left the world, The voice replied and ensured that she is Bretha and simultaneously she gave her a piece of bad and good news. On asking about good news, she replied that the women’s softball is present in the heaven and the bad news was nothing but that she’s pitching Tuesday.

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