Omar Epps Proves He’s Still In Love With Wife 13 Years Later [Photos]

This week, actor Omar Epps and his stunning wife, former Total singer Keisha Epps (formerly Spivey), are celebrating 13 years of marriage. The couple married in 2006 and have two children together (Omar also has a daughter from a previous relationship). The pair, who have been an item since 1999, have made many memories together and built a very special bond.

They celebrated their anniversary publicly by posting about how important they are to one another on Instagram. The actor, who called his wife his “anchor,” said their marriage has “been a wonderfully fulfilling journey, and I pray that we continue on together fearlessly, and unapologetically”:

Keisha, who shared the same photo of the two together, called Omar her “blessing” and said, “I’m saying ‘I do’ again and again and again.”

“There’s no LOVE like the LOVE we share.The LOVE we know baby….the ups, the downs, the challenges, the push, the growth, the joy,” she wrote. “We’ve seen every corner of LOVE. There is no one I’d choose to do this life with my LOVE. You are my blessing❤️ chapter…Hope you’re ready.”

One of the keys to making their marriage work for more than a decade, according to the actor, is agreeing that no matter what happens or how they might squabble, there is no quitting.

“We took b-reaking up off the table from the beginning,” he told Angie Martinez in 2018. “It’s something we did through conversation. That’s not an option. It just changes the way you function in a relationship. Because when you get to the turbulent parts, it changes how you deal with one another.

Because a lot of times, we’re in relationships, you going off all crazy and it’s just like, ‘Whatever! Whatever!’ But if you take that option off the table, it changes [things]. A lot situations that might have been an argument are a conversation. You’re hearing one another out. You’re trying to understand where you’re coming from. ‘Oh ok, I get it.’ And then you just keep pushing.”

To celebrate the love of one of our favorite couples, h-it the flip and check out 13 photos of the pair together spanning their 13 years as husband and wife.

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