Parents Adopt Little Boy Then Overhear His Bedtime Prayer That Makes Their Mouths Drop

Jordan and Cole Dickerson were meant to be parents. They always dreamt about adopting a child and have a complete family. When Jordan heard that a little boy needs a family, she insisted Coleto bring him home. But the fate has other plans for them. They always desired to adopt a child one day. They even decided to begin foster parent classes, which were required by Cole’s organization. During the process, one couple started to begin fostering that kid, which has emotionally hit them hard.

They were upset and disappointed but still decided to continue their classes, praying, one day they will become a foster parent.

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But while having a talk with DCS, they said it’s impossible to begin fostering without having any relation with the child. It needs a miracle. Cole shared his family’s inspirational story on social media and it went viral in a short time. He said, “Jordan works in Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. One day, she told me, there is one boy in the hospital alone. He has no family to take care of him.

While we were on our anniversary trip, someone from the hospital called her and said, the child, Jeremiah, has been brought back to the hospital because of his medical conditions. The foster parents cannot care for him anymore, because of some personal reasons. When we got back from the trip, the social worker called Jordan and asked her, if they were serious about fostering and adoption.

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After completing legal, medical and fostering classes we brought him home in June 2017 and on 16th July, we adopted him.” On April 2018, one night, Jordan listens, her son praying to God and thanking God, Jesus, for his parents and his little sister joining the family in two weeks. She was shocked to hear that, what did he just said, “Little Sister”. Just after a couple of weeks later, they found out that she is expecting a baby girl or boy.

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Just exactly what Jeremiah said that night. That was a miracle. They told him about his adoption and also revealed about his baby sister coming as well. Jeremiah was surprised to know that. One more family member is going to be added to their family.

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