R&B Singer Brandy Gains 100 Pounds. . . She’s Now A B-B-W!

Brandy, the R&B singer, has been avoiding the pregnancy news from past 1 year. It seems she is not pregnant but has been eating a lot in recent years and has gained weight. The slim Brandy posted her new pics on social media and showed off that she is definitely thick now. Some fans are calling her “Big girl”. Her size has increased from 2 to 16. She gained 100 pounds in a couple of years.Brandy said, “There has been a lot of pressure in Hollywood for staying slim.

She loves to eat so she is taking some time off from dieting and is going to enjoy herself”.

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She is being really enjoying herself. Earlier this year, she has been seen beefing with her brother, Ray J and his pregnant wife Princess Love.According to People Mag, they had the baby back in May. . According to TMZ, they decided to opt out the ice cream theme baby shower, that would probably happen in March, because of disagreement with Princess.

Image: Source
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It may be because of tweets, that had been posted, that alluded to Raj J cheating on her. Raj J, the singer and reality star has confessed that though he was a “little bitty cheater” before, he wants to leave everything behind and start a new life with her wife, Princess.

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