Rental Shop Worker Has Internet Buzzing After He Helps Mom Of Two Hold Her Baby And Then…

A small act of kindness can make someone’s day. When a Tulsa mother found herself in a problem and she had no way out, a simple offer from a car employee, made her again believe in human goodness. Coty Vincent, a mother of twins, 11-month old babies had enough to deal with. But suddenly a hit and run case put her car out of commission, which made her life harder.

She visited her nearest shop for renting a car. Though she didn’t have enough money, but there was no other way out.

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She rented a car and reached her destination. As soon as she unbuckled her kids and stepped out of the cab, she realized something, which made her day worse. She had a single stroller. At that moment, she thought of renting another car. She forgot that she still needs to do the paperwork with the use of her hands, so she was standing outside the showroom with one of her kid in her arm, while another one still in the car.

At that time, the company’s new employee, John Goodlett, appeared and helped her. She handed over one boy to him while unbuckling the other one. She told him, her story while getting in the building. He was holding the baby whole time, standing behind the counter while she was doing her paperwork.

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The mother was so overwhelmed by his help that she posted their picture on social media, a Facebook group of twins. As a mother of twins will understand, what that help really means to her. She again posted it on Love What Matters and it went viral within a day.

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When John saw that post, he protested saying, it was just his job and a basic act of kindness. But his company decided to award him a company gift card, but John asked them to donate that money to his favorite charity. They also gifted Coty, a double stroller, for sharing her story.

In her story, she encouraged everyone to be like John. This message is surely needed to be spread.

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