Rihanna’s Lookalike Has Been Discovered In India & She’s Breaking The Internet

A model, who was once mocked for her dark skin and “unconventional features”, said her resemblance to Rihanna helps to boost her career. She is getting more modeling work for being a doppelganger. A 23-year-old model Renee Kujur, Bagicha, Chattisgarh, India is currently storming the internet for having the striking looks similar to Rihanna. She struggled a lot in the modeling industry due to her complexion and the makeup artists have to lighten her skin more frequent.

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In an interview she said, the photographers would tell their clients, that she resembles Rihanna to convince them, as no one can deny that Rihanna is beautiful. Renne says she still gets one-third of the work, which other light skin tone models get. When she was 3 years old, she participated in a fancy-dress competition and people insulted her calling “Dekho Dekho kali pari” means “Look! A black fairy”.

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She was broke and could not think of going on stage again. But 20 years later, she has so many fans supporting her on social media, who believe that she definitely looks like Rihanna. People who used to call her unattractive and black, are now taking their words back.

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Some people are now turning around the rules and are accepting dark skin tone, but still, for some people, beauty strictly means fair skin.

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It will still take time to change the mindset of people and rewrite the norms. But Renne is happy to be the part of this change.

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