He Saved Her Life In Hurricane Katrina. 12 Yrs Later She Asks Him A Question

When a military man rescues any civilian, usually they never get to see each other again in a lifetime, but Master Sergeant Mike Maroney of U.S. Air force and Lashay Brown have a different story. Maroney saved the little girl and her family during Hurricane Katrina 2005. Later the girl gave him a big hug, which he could not forget in his lifetime. The moment was captured and was an award-winning photograph which circled around the internet.

Maroney uses to carry that photo with him on battles to remind him of that special moment.

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Maroney’s life is changed by that little girl, he tried a lot to find her by launching campaigns on social media #FindKatrinaGirl. Finally, after 10 years, on the sets of The Real, both of them united. He told LaShay, “You rescued me more than I rescued you.” Since that day, they have a new-found bond and he uses to visit the brown family and spoke to her weekly.

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She even joined the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp, that was a pre-training program sponsored by the United States Armed Forces in Mississippi. She was excited to join JROTC and said that she should have joined it earlier. She plans to join the military one day. Maroney wants to support her in whatever she does and is proud of her.

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