Serena Williams Trades Her Nike Gear For A Lavish Channel Belt On The Cover Of GQ

Williams was named the Woman of The Year and labeled as ‘The Champion.’ The three other GQ headliners included Michael B. Jordan, as ‘The Leader,’ Henry Golding as ‘The Star,’ and ‘The Director’ Jonah Hill. Williams looked stunning in her black assemble on the cover of GQ. The superstar wore a $135 Alix Carder Bodysuit, along with a gold and black Channel belt wrapped around her waist.

GQ gave details on Williams’ look and where fans can find a similar look.

“Serena Williams stands out in the latest issue of GQ magazine, not only hailing as the featured ‘Woman of the Year.’ But also for her eye-catching style. The tennis superstar showed off her enviable figure in an asymmetrical bodysuit styled with a Chanel chain belt.

This bodysuit by Alix is perfect for the chilly weather. Rock it around the house Serena style as some fab loungewear, or pair with some leather pants and chandelier earrings for a night out.

The fash pack is obsessed with bodysuits and so are we and we’re definitely adding this unique one to our list. We love its simplicity and high leg cut which makes it perfect under jeans, or any pair of trousers, sans panty lines. Click right to buy Serena’s exact bodysuit now.”

The company said they chose Williams to cover the issue because she had “remarkable year.”

“No matter how you cut it, Serena Williams had a remarkable year. Jeanne-Marie Laskas visits the G.O.A.T. at her Florida home to hear about the U.S. Open moment heard around the world, along with Serena’s plans for the future, her thoughts on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court appointment, and what it’s like to be a black woman in America in 2018. All that, plus GQ worked up a special surprise cover collaboration with Virgil Abloh—the Off-White designer behind her coolest on-court looks in 2018—featuring his signature quotation marks in his own handwriting.”

The U.S Open was widely talked about this year due to Williams’ controversial lost. Williams had a heated confrontation with one of the referees during the game to the point that she said it was taken away from her.

Williams has also been speaking out on many political matters that have been taking place. Therefore, it is no surprise she will dig deep into a conversation about Brett Kavanaugh.
In recent months, Williams has publicly supported former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, and his initiative to protest against police brutality.

“I think every athlete, and definitely every African American should be completely honored how Colin and Eric are doing so much more for the greater good, so to say,” Williams said. “They really use their platform in ways that really unfathomable. I feel like they obviously have great respect from a lot of their peers, especially other athletes, people that are really are looking for social change.”

Williams was one of the major supporters of the Nike and Kaepernick collaboration.

On the day of the collaborations campaign release, Williams posted an image from her Nike campaign that displayed an image of her as teen playing tennis. In the caption, she wrote, “Especially proud to be a part of the Nike family today. #justdoit”

In an interview with TIMES magazine last month, Williams expressed how she supports the right of NFL players to protest during the national anthem.

She explained how she admired Kaepernick’s initiate and the joy he gets from it. “He hasn’t lost his joy. Colin is happy with what he’s doing. Some people are different. He’s just different. He’d have so much to prove. I would; I can’t imagine he would be any different.”

Williams met the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback twice, once before he started his protests in 2016 and once after.


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