Struggling Mom Wins Lottery And Donates $700,000 To Local Pastor. But Then He S u e s Her For More.

Winning the lottery is something every one of us has ever dreamed of. Just imagine having enough money in your account to go out and purchase anything you desire or go on a luxury vacation, any time you want. Moreover, you will never have to worry about bills, rent, your budget, and other expenses. It’s transparent, why lotteries are so appealing to all of us. Financial worries are with all of us. Now what happened to Marie Holmes who lives in North Carolina is shocking.

After struggling for years in poverty she won a huge amount in the lottery. She thought her worries had ended but she was wrong.

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That is, she trusted one pastor named, Kevin Matthews who was one of his neighbors. She trusted him a lot but he decided to sabotage her chances of escaping financial worries.

Miss Holmes, a mother of four kids was working at different jobs and living a hard life but when she won $188 million she couldn’t believe her luck now she was about to learn a valuable lesson as the saying goes ‘The more money you have, the more problems you have’.

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It wouldn’t take long for Kevin to betray and backstab her. When so much money is involved some people lose their humanity this is what happened to him, he used to give her counseling sessions in order to be a good Christian leader.

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So she trusted him a lot and after her winning, she decided to donate a plot of land to the church. The land was going to use the place for a new retreat center and she spent $700,000 on it, but he was hungry for more money so he decided to s-ue her and claim that she had agreed more than twice as much.

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He successfully s-ued her for $10 million. After that, she had to pay $21 million to bail her partner who was ac-cused of wrong reasons. Luckily, Iyanla Vanzant who hosts a show heard about her and decided to help her. According to her, it was the problem of dignity and self-respect not of the wealth.

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Although initially, mother of four refused but then she received the help as she was in a bad need. Money changes people and one should keep their morals high.

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