Teacher Hears Boy Drumming On Bucket, Learns His Devastating Story & Hatches Plan [Video]

Some people have to work hard to get their success and fame in the music world, while others are born with the talent. They only need some practice to become perfect. Stacy Caldwell, a music teacher in Wilmeth Elementary School in McKinney, Texas was shocked to see, a student’s incredible performance. She decided to help him anyhow.

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During the drum lessons, Stacy told the kids about “bucket drumming”. She gave drumsticks to Alijah and soon after that he started playing, a complicated rhythm as if he has learned it from somewhere. Stacy asked him, from where did he learned drum so well, but his answer amazed her. He told her that he never had drum lessons in his life. He had a drum kit at his home, but a few years back, it was destroyed in an accident, a house fire and his family could not afford another one for him.

Stacy heart broke by his story, so she decided to share the story on social media with his video playing the drums. She got instant response and people around the world popped up to donate the musical items for him. Within a week, she gathered everything and called Alijah at her home, after school, to surprise him. She pulls the tarp off and Alijah couldn’t believe his eyes.

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His expression was priceless, when she told him, that he is getting adrum kit, donated by a school nearby. He was more shocked when he knew that he is also getting an electronic drumset, some drum related swag and also some music books.She praised him and encourage him to practice at his home. Those encouraging words from his teacher gave him much pleasure. He knows now that so many people love him that will be a great incentive for him to pursue his career in music.

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