Teacher Keeps Wedding A Secret From Students Fearing Disapproval Over Fiancé. Then They Show Up. [Video]

Christopher Landis is the choir director at Hingham Middle School in Massachusetts. He has become one of the most beloved teachers at the school. One day, the choir noticed a man was coming by to see their teacher on a pretty regular basis. Whenever they asked who this man was, Christopher would simply reply, “That’s Joe. He’s my friend.” In reality, Joe was Christopher’s partner and soon-to-be husband. But since he wasn’t sure how the kids or their parents would feel about him marrying a man, and feared it could impact their feelings toward him as a teacher, he refrained from telling the truth.

Then it came time for Christopher’s wedding rehearsal. During the event, he noticed a bunch of his guests had their phones out, ready to record something… but he didn’t know what.

It wasn’t until his choir students started flooding into the room, all dressed up, that he realized a secret plan had been in place.

The stunned teacher broke down in tears as 50 students serenaded him and Joe with their version of “All You Need Is Love.” As it turned out, Joe had been in on the surprise the whole time. Parents from the middle school caught wind of Christopher’s wedding and enlisted Joe to help with months of planning and secret rehearsals.

This video captures the moment Christopher realizes that not only do his students understand who Joe truly is to him, but that also they accept them and their new life together.

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