Teen Buys $50 Dress Online, Then Turns It Into An Amazing Designer Gown For Her Prom

Nazmayde Castillo is a high school student in Birmingham, Alabama. Like any other teen, she was also looking for her prom dress, with her boyfriend MJ Johnson. He has a hefty Instagram following, because of his creative recreations of looks by the likes of Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. He says his dream is to become an actor or social media comedian he never thought of becoming a fashion designer.

On the prom day, MJ shared thephotos in their outfits, his girlfriend was in a stunning blue and cream gown with the layers of cobalt roses as the shirt.

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The post has gone viral and they got a dozen of requests of where she found that dress. . MJ revealed that he bought her the original dress from Fashion Nova for just $50. After that, Nazmayde had the idea to add the flowers at the bottom.

So, she created a skirt with the help of her aunt, who was great in crafting. She has done the work so perfectly that even a discerning eye wouldn’t know that the gown was a DIY job.

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MJ also posted the image of original dress, which he bought, showing it was a curve-hugging mini dress, that finishes above the knee. Many girls order their dresses from boutiques or big brands. They spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for the perfect dress.

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Nazmayde proved, that you don’t need to spend so much amount of money on a dress, which you are going to wear just for few hours.

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