Texas Girl Spots Hobby Lobby’s ‘Offensive’ Decoration, Goes Viral When She Posts Pic

Daniell Rider was at Hobby Lobby on Thursday, when she spotted one of the retailer’s “offensive” decorations. The Texas woman immediately snapped a photo and posted it to Facebook, where it quickly went viral. According to The Blaze, Rider shared a photo of a Hobby Lobby shelf with glass bottles containing what appear to be replicas of raw cotton plants. “This decor is WRONG on SO many levels,” Rider captioned her photo. “There is nothing decorative about raw cotton… A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves. A little sensitivity goes a long way. PLEASE REMOVE THIS ‘decor,’” she concluded.

Indeed, a little sensitivity has gone quite a long way in this country.

It’s gone such a long way, in fact, that we now live in a society where there are so-called “safe spaces” on college campuses nationwide, where grown adults can go to avoid running into different opinions. We’re now so “sensitive” as a culture that free speech is considered offensive and harmless home decor is at risk of being deemed racist. We’ve gotten to the point where people seemingly cannot handle anything at all. If you’re “triggered” by decorative cotton, how can you possibly go about your day without suffering an emotional breakdown?

Not only is Rider’s overwhelming “sensitivity” very concerning, but by her logic, nearly every crop that grows in the ground is racist and should be removed from grocery store shelves. Slaves didn’t just pick cotton; they also farmed corn and squash and watermelon and the list goes on and on. If you can find it in the produce aisle, a slave once harvested it. It also bears mentioning that the slave could have been owned by a black person.

If Rider is so offended by cotton, she should go into her closet and throw away every item of clothing which contains it. I suspect this would include most of her wardrobe. Then, she should move onto her bathroom, where she should get rid of every towel. Looks like she’ll be air-drying and walking around naked from now on. And, don’t forget the Q-tips. Those are cotton, too. She’ll have to clean her ears with a stick.

You see, becoming offended over something as mundane as a decorative piece of cotton in a craft store is utterly ridiculous. It demonstrates how far we’ve fallen as a society in terms of common sense and rational thought. Social Justice Warriors like Daniell Rider are the epitome of everything that is wrong with the progressive left.


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