Thieves Try To Siphon Fuel From Bus But Accidentally Hook Up To Toilet Drain.

A group of thieves made an attempt to siphon gasoline from a tour bus, parked in Laverton, West Australia, but they mistakenly accessed the sewage tank instead. They snuck up to the bus in the middle of the night, stuck a hose in the tank and started sucking. But they put the hose in a wrong place. The police investigated of what might have happened when they saw a discarded sewage tank cap lying on the ground and a lack of fuel.

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The police sergeant said, “We can infer they made a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth”. They are still trying to track the thief, they can be a gang or some multiple offenders. The police officers “have zero interest” in recovering the stolen goods.

Image: Source

On the contrary, people are also thinking, how can this happen. Police officers have known the full story, just from a sewage cap on the ground? It may just be one-liner stories made by the local people to say in front of the police. But, if it is real, then whoever did this, must be suffering a lot, they have already received their punishment.

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