This 12-year-old Boy Is Showing The World What True Climate Leadership Looks Like. It’s Time For Action. [Video]

In a recent UNICEF conference a 12 years old boy from Tailevu, Wainibuka in Viti Levu has set some leadership goals for us to reduce the effect of climatic changes on earth. He said that God created the universe in the beginning. It was spectacular in every way. There were beautiful trees, plants, multi-colored birds and animals that filled our earth with their songs and cries. In sea, the fishes and various kinds of marine life illuminate and made the earth brighter.

Then God decided that all these creatures needed a leader and thus he created mankind and a new era began.

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He even quoted “Climate change is no longer some far off problem. It is happening here. It is happening now.” He said that the questions like; What to do? How to do? And who should do it? are not important. But it is about what you can do as an individual. It’s so true that we keep thinking about it and doesn’t do anything for our earth. To your shock because of climate changes this boy and his whole village was struck by a cyclone and lost everything in earlier 2016. Their lives were in chaos andthere was no source of food, water and money. Everything was totally destroyed.

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Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns, which lasts for an extended period of life. It is caused by various factors such as biotic processes, variations in solar radiation etc. The primary cause of climatic change are human activities. It is the evident from decreased vegetation, ice cores, sea level changes and glacial ecology. Global climate change and global warming are affecting human lives everyday now. Some people think it is a myth but it is not.

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Recently,the flood in Kerala, India was also a live example of this. Guys, it is the time to take some real action to save our earth because without earth we are nothing. It is the time for us to be the leader and lead the planet, plants and animals and serve ourduty as an individual.

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