Three Guys Fled A Restaurant Without Paying But The Owner Received This Amazing Note Days Later

ON 8th December, three guys came in KilimandjaroRestaurent, in Middlesbroughfor having dinner. After having dinner, they fled away, without paying the bill. Apollo Apollonaire, the owner of the restaurant does not have any hope of hearing from them ever. The owner has lost the trust over humanity, so he advised his staff, if such thing happens again, make sure one of them stays, or they keep one of their belongings for security, later they can take it back after paying the bill.

When after a few days, he received an apology letter with 40 pounds. Yes, the apology letter was from those three men and also did they paid the bill in full.

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The apology letter said, “On 8th December we came to your restaurant and had our dinner which has the total bill of around 35 pounds. After having dinner, when we went to pay for bill, we were told, that you don’t accept cards. So, we set out of the restaurant to search for the cash machine.

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But soon one of us, realized that the last train for our hometown, is about to depart. So, we got distracted and run towards the train station to board the train and forgot to pay the bill. But soon we realized our actions.

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So, we have written this letter of apology with 40 pounds the bill amount.” They added, “As we couldn’t come back and pay the amount in personal, we are giving a 5-star rating to your restaurant, with a review on TripAdvisor.” This incident indeed has restored back Apollo’s faith in humanity.

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