Twitter Is Calling Out Kylie Jenner For Trying To Look Like Beyoncé – Video


Kylie Jenner is being claimed of copying Beyoncé’s style, with the singer’s ‘Beyhive’ wasting no time in making comparisons. The 22 year old showed off a variety of looks on her recent trip to the Bahamas where she posed for numerous photoshoots wearing long golden hair extensions.

But it’s her latest selection of snaps that’s causing a stir on social media as her followers.

And fans of Beyoncé have noticed how strikingly similar the reality star looks to the Grammy winner.On Thursday the makeup mogul shared several snaps showing her posing in a green leopard print dress with hood, and it evoked a feeling of deja vu for many observers.

Beyoncé, 38, wore a very similar outfit, featuring a neon green animal print and long blonde wavy hair, during her world tour in 2014. But it’s not just Kylie’s outfit that’s caused a buzz, as fans have pointed out even her makeup, hairstyle and pose is similar to the incapable in Love hitmaker.

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‘Why are you cosplaying as Beyoncé’ one person remarked on Twitter.

Another unhappy observer wrote: ‘Those pictures of Kylie Jenner really make her look similar to Beyoncé and I don’t like that one bit’.

‘if u showed me this picture back in 2013 and said is this beyoncé or kylie jenner id bet my mtv top and my american flag leggings on it being beyoncé’ came another comment on Twitter alongside Kylie’s pic of her posing with her back arched and long blonde waves falling around her face.

Some people confused the makeup mogul with her older sister Khloe as one person joked: ‘Is this Kylie Jenner dressed up as Khloe Kardashian dressed up as Beyoncé?’

Earlier this week Kylie emulated the singer once again wearing a blush hued Marine Serre outfit almost identical to the one Beyonce wore to a basketball game in May 2019.

On Instagram Kylie shared her latest photos with the caption ‘I am my own muse’, a quote by designer Tom Ford, whose dress she was modeling. She wore her ombré blonde hair in long teased waves, spilling out from the hood of her dress.

The mother of Stormi completed the look with a pair of black square-toe stilettos with clear tiered heels. The Kylie Cosmetics mogul wrote in another caption: ‘Giving you baby mama drama honey.’

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