Tyler Perry Gifts An Entire House To Friend And Actress Lashun Pace’s Ailing Mother [Video]

The filmmaker, Tyler Perry has a heart of gold, who uses his money and help those in need. He is doing all the good deeds. There are some men in Hollywood, who are taking loans but are not paying back, Tyler helps them. Perry stays in touch with a lot of his co-actors. Tyler and Lashun stayed in touch since they worked together, two decades ago. Lashun is a gospel singer and actress, who worked with Perry in 1999. When he heard that Bettie, mother of his former colleague, LaShun Pace has fallen ill.

She suffers from stage V, kidney failure and her dy-ing wish is to own a big house, big enough to fit all her large family, he stepped up and make her dreams come true.

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It is learned he made a kind gesture and brought the house worth 35,000$ for Bettie Pace, close to where the Paces were born in Atlanta and gifted her. Bettie couldn’t thank him enough.

While she was cutting the big red ribbon attached to the front of the home, she was surrounded by cheering loved ones. She said, “Tyler Perry, thank you, son. I love you. Thank you for the house. God, bless you.”

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