“Wakanda Forever, But Where’s My Money?’”: Denzel’s Waiting To Be Reimbursed By Chadwick Boseman For Covering His Oxford Education

Despite being known as a serious actor, Denzel Washington had managed to prove that he could be quite funny when he wanted to. His sense of humour came to play soon after Chadwick Boseman claimed that he had helped cover his Oxford education. In the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert told Washington that he was responsible, in a way for Black Panther’s success. ‘Oh! Because I paid for him to go to school!’ Washington remarked when he came to the realization.

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Susan Kelechi Watson of This is Us had claimed that Denzel Washington and Phylicia Rashad had helped cover her studies, and soon Boseman claimed the same. “I didn’t know him.” Washington said. ‘Phylicia Rashad was helping kids and she called me and I said yeah, I’ll sponsor for whatever. He called to thank me, and that’s how I found out it was him. Okay Chadwick, I want your money back.’

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Denzel Washington also joked that he went to the Black Panther premier hoping to be reimbursed. ‘I’m not here to see.’ He had said. ‘Wakanda forever, but where’s my money?’

As for his response to Susan Kelechi Watson, he claimed that he was just happy to help. She said that she was happy he paid for his scholarship, and that enabled him to go. ‘I saw Mr. Washington some occasions later, and later I said, excuse me, Mr. Washington, you paid for my scholarship.’ And he said that he was happy to help.

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