Walmart Clerk Refuses To Let Grandpa Send $2,300 To Grandson After She Suspects Something Suspicious

Con artists of the country always target elderly or weak people for the trick. There are many cases of fraud related to the elderly person. The elderlies are staying alone and are prone to believe the things more easily. In the recent incident, one grandfather was about to transfer money to his grandson in a suspicious incident. It is important to know what’s happening around you. We can help people and save them from the mischief.

Here is one good story about a Walmart clerk and grandpa in crisis.

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Audrella Taylor manages transactions at Walmart store. She is always keen to help people around her. In a recent incident, an elderly grandpa named Cecil Rodger approached the store hurriedly. He was about to transfer 2300 dollars with the service of the store to store transfer.

Audrella saw him and suspected something to worry about him. She asked him why he needs to transfer this much amount. Rodger told her that he got a call from his grandson.

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His grandson k-illed one pregnant lady in a car accident. His grandson needs $2300 as bail amount to come out of jail. He told Audrella that he even talked with his grandson on phone. She being suspicious asked him to first call the family members and grandson to know the truth.

After a while, Rodger called his grandson and came to that everything is good at home. The con artists have a nice hold on human mentalities. They always target elderly people to do such kind of things.

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Today Rodger is grateful to Audrella’s presence of mind. He thanked her for this. It is important to increase awareness about telephone scams. A decision made in a fraction of second can result in a great economic loss. Self-awareness and helping others can solve this problem.

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