Watch A Young Jada Pinkett Smith Passionately Confront Eazy-E About His Rap Lyrics

Jada Pinkett Smith has always had a passion for speaking her mind. On Friday (May 11), the host of Red Table Talk shared a throwback video of her first time meeting Eazy-E, and it’s safe to say that she was far from star struck.In the clip, taken from an appearance on a talk show, Pinkett Smith takes Eazy to task over the effects that his misogynistic lyrics have on his female fanbase, and compassionately challenges him to do better.“I told him that before I met him today I thought he was a woman hater because of his music,” she says in the video. “Him owning his own record company, can make a change within his community, to uplift us.”

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The then-unknown actress addresses the late N.W.A rapper by his government name (Eric), and reminds him that owning a record label gives him power over his message. “When I listen to his music I want to feel good about my people, and I said ‘Eric, you have the power to do that.’”

The two later became friends, but she clearly left a mark on Eazy, who can’t help but smile as Pinkett Smith speaks her peace. For his part, Eazy offers a short rebuttal to her critique.

Watch their exchange in the video below.

This is the day I met Eazy! We became the best of friends after this program✨

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