When This Man Told His Foster Care Story, People Listened — 39 Million People. [Video]

Sometimes the media portrays the foster care system as a bad thing. We’re always hearing stories about how gangsters grew up poor and were shuffled from one foster home to another. It seems like the system that is supposed to care for vul-nerable children is broken. But, one man has proven that there’s really more to the story about our crippling foster care system. He wanted to tell his story, and over 39 million people listened!

Rob Scheer struggled to find his place in this world. His ab-usive parents died when he was 10, and he thought it was the greatest gift he could have been given.

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But, little did he know that foster care was no better, and the mental ab-use would be even worse. All he wanted was to feel loved, but all of his belongings were kept in a garbage bag – and he knew he wouldn’t be staying anywhere for long. He said, “I was hungry, I was cold, I was scared and I had nowhere to go.”

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He admits that the cards were stacked against him, and he should have ended up a d-ug ad-dict or cri-minal. Yet he always felt he was meant to make a difference in this life. His incredible experience prepared him for what he was about to do. He was a foster child when he was young, now he’s a foster dad. Here’s what he has to say about the system.

Watch the video below to hear his heartbreaking story, and the heartwarming turn of events that is making the world a better place!


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