Woman Who Lost 200 lbs Is Unrecognizable After Having Mounds Of Saggy Skin Removed

Losing weight is indeed not an easy task, but being overweight invites several other diseases, which can affect a person’s whole life. That’s why it is important to shed whenever it is possible. Melanie, a 29-year-old woman from Dallas, Texas is the one such obsessed person. In 5 years, she dropped to 175 lbs. from 360 lbs. but this has left her with a lot of excess skin. She was not only attracting unwanted comments from strangers but also people are staring at her.

It was also affecting her personal life, when on her first date, her boyfriend accidentally touched her excess skin and ended the date. It knocked her confidence abruptly.

Though later she found her love, who is proud of her for so much hard work and her incredible transformation.

Her extra skin is heavy, and she can feel when they rub each other. The only place she can feel light is, swimming pool, but she started feeling awkward, at busy places. She feels that people will judger her and laugh at her. To fit in her clothes, she uses to wear 2 shape control garments.

During the day, she uses to maintain her skin. It is when Melanie decided to undergo surgery to get rid of her excess skin. The surgery took place in 3-4 sessions. After surgery, she lost 14 lbs. more, that was of her excess skin. She said, she has gained much confidence now and she proudly showed her transformation to her boyfriend and family members.

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