Woman Walks Up to Cop Car Parked on Street, Learns He Stayed Behind Just To Protect Her

On Monday, an Indiana woman named Terri Mae posted on social media, on how she met a po-lice officer of Fort Wayne. She was walking alone towards her car, through a dark parking lot, a situation, which many of us have experienced in our life. A situation which settles a feeling of uneasiness in our heart for a few minutes. She was hoping to reach her car safely, as soon as possible. Her job was to set up the alarm and lock up the doors. On the night of 10th September, she was the last person coming out of the building.

She was walking towards her car alone and noticed that someone was accompanying her to the car, which eases her and makes it safer for her.

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While walking towards her car, she was surprised and comforted to see that a patrol car is in the parking lot. She wrote on her social media, that she walked towards the sidewalk and saw that the patrol car was sitting there to watch out over the parking lot. She went to the cop in the patrol car and thanked him. She was overwhelmed by his answer. The cop replied that he specifically came back when he saw that there is only one car left in the parking lot. He wants to make sure that the driver reaches his car safely.

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Terri Mae was feeling proud to see the commitment of the police department of Fort Wayne to protect and serve the people and community. She came to know that the po-lice officer is the mentor of the youth of that area. She said they are lucky to have such an amazing person. A person who is watching over them, who is committed to his duties and guarding the society honestly. She addresses “Thank you officer hunter! You blessed my night tonight.” and refers to him as the finest po-lice officer. Her praise will surely be an encouragement for all the officers serving our society.

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