Woman’s Confused When Soldier’s On Flight Refuse To Buy Lunch, Secretly Steps Up For Them

When destiny gives you the chance to help somebody, you should grab that opportunity. In fact, you should help someone willingly. One such man recently got the opportunity to help some soldiers on the flight. Denny Kukich went on a flight and kept his suitcase on the overhead luggage compartment. Then he settled down on his reserved seat and started reading a book. Later on, a group of soldiers came in and take their seats surrounding Danny. So Danny decides to interact with one of the soldiers sitting near to him.

Danny got to know that the soldiers are going to Petawawa for 2 weeks of training and then to Afghanistan for deployment.

After some time the flight attendant announced the lunch packages and these were for $5. Denny took the package. But he noticed that none of the soldiers bought that lunch packages as they find it very expensive.

Seeing this Denny determined to help them. He purchased 10 sacks and gave $50 to the flight attendant. Then the flight caption came to him and thanked him for his kindness.

Noticing this afterward one stranger also came to Denny and handed him $25. This is for that stranger wanted to contribute to Denny’s help to soldiers.

Due to this, the whole flight erupted into applause. After that, another stranger came to Denny and gave him $25. When the plane landed one more passenger came to him and filled another 25$ in his pocket.

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