World’s 1st Twins With Different Skin Colors Are Already Adults: See How They Look Now!

We all are familiar with the stories of identical twins. There are many twins who look exactly like each other, but here is the story of twin sisters who look exactly opposite to each other. Lucy and Maria are the world’s first twins with different skin colors. When their mother Donna Aylmer gave birth to them, Lucy was fair skinned with blue eyes and Maria was dark skinned with brown eyes. Their hair color and pattern is also different from each other.

Lucy is red-haired and Maria has thick curly black color. It was so surprising for everyone around them.

Everything has a scientific explanation. The reason for their uniqueness lies in their mother’s genes. Donna is half British and half Jamaican so she carries genes with light and dark characteristics.

According to doctors Donna ovulated two eggs which got fertilized by two sperms of their father. Genetics always surprises us. They are the first twins who look so different from each other. Their choices and hobbies are also different. Lucy and Maria are very close to each other. It is fascinating to see them.

The story will not end here.

Lucy and Maria both carry their mother’s genes. This increases their chances of conceiving a baby with different skin color than mother. Lucy has dark color genes and Maria has the light color gene in the recessive stage.

Today they are adults and enjoying their lives to the fullest. They also enjoy people’s reaction to their story.

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